Photo by Shana Carrara

My grandma always told me: “You have a gift, you feel people”, and I think this is my strong suit.
I get into your life in small steps and I take every single shade who made your day unique.
I love real moments:  smiles, little exchange of looks, tears and more the spacial vibe that I feel around me when I watch and shoot my photos. I love real and authentic emotions.
If you want to know more about me or my photography, feel free to contact me.

● Do you work alone or with a second photographer?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For the weddings I work always with another photographer, instead, for all other photo session I work alone.

●  Where do you live? Do you travel?
I live in north-east of Italy, but yes, I do ! I love to travel. So, if you don’t live in Italy, don’t worry contact me and we’ll talk about it. I’m willing to travel anywhere !

● When will I received my photos?
Approximately 15-20 days after your session, but for weddings usually 60days after the wedding day.

● How many photos will I get?
I typically deliver 800 photos from your wedding day, all hi-res and fully edited.

● What will we receive?
Every photo session is important for me, so I deliver a packaging who represent me and my photography. Natural materials, the genuine and vintage look are the things that make it so special.
For the weddings I deliver a light wood box that including an usb drive (also made of wood) and a little selection of prints 10x15cm.
For the others photo sessions I deliver a little and scented paper box that including a wood usb drive.

● What about the album?
The album are custom-designed by me and hand crafted by an amazing album company. You can choose the pictures that will go inside, with a little help from me, and you can modify the sample I will send you once for free. After being sent to print it takes a few days to get it crafted and delivered in your hands.

● We are camera-shy, we don’t like pictures..
I always try to establish a good relationship with my clients. Don’t worry it will be fine! 🙂
Regarding weddings I would suggest to set up an engagement session before the big day. It’s a less formal photo session, funny for you and for myself; it will allow us to get to know each others and you feel confident and relaxed in front of the camera.






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